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St. James Parish Sheriff

Our Divisions
Tax Collector

Willy Martin, Jr., Sheriff
P. O. Box 83
Convent, LA 70723
225-562-2377 (Phone)
225-562-2380 (Fax)
Missy Folse
Deputy Tax Collector
Hours 7:30 am – 4:00 pm
Monday through Friday




Who is responsible for the collection of taxes?

The Sheriff is not only the chief law enforcement officer of St. James Parish, but is also the Ex-Officio Tax Collector. He has the responsibility of collecting the parish taxes according to the tax assessment roll prepared by the tax assessor. Any property with an outstanding balance of the base tax, interest or other penalties or cost, is subject to being sold at the annual tax sale.

How are taxes calculated?

The tax amount collected is based on an assessment that is done by the tax assessor. The assessment is used in calculations which include the amount of the millage a particular property is subject to paying.

Who do I contact if I have a question about the amount of taxes I owe?

Call the Assessor's Office at (225) 562-2254

What is a Homestead Exemption?

In the State of Louisiana, homeowners are eligible for homestead exemption of the first $75,000 of the assessed value of the home considered their permanent residence. A person can have homestead on only one home. To file for homestead exemption, contact the Assessor's Office at (225) 562-2254.

When is the deadline to pay my taxes?

Current year taxes become delinquent at the close of business of December 31st of that year. After this date, the taxes become delinquent and are assessed at a rate of one percent interest per month or any part of a month.

What happens if I do not pay my taxes?

Any delinquent account is subject to be sold at the annual tax sale which is usually held in May. Your property will be advertised in the official journal "The News-Examiner" twice before the tax sale, the first in mid April and the second in May, one week prior to the tax sale.

Tax Sale Information

The Tax Sale is held in May in the front lobby of the courthouse in Convent. A delinquent property is advertised in the official journal "The News-Examiner”. The first advertisement is published at least 30 days before the date of the sale, and the second is published within 7 days of the sale.

Interested tax buyers must register with the Sheriff's Office on the morning of the sale prior to 10:00 a.m.

All unpaid property taxes are read aloud. After reading the property, buyers bid for a portion of ownership on the property. By law, the Sheriff accepts bids on an interest in the property starting off at 100% interest and graduating downward until the lowest bid of 1% is received. The buyer that gets the bid will pay the taxes, interest and costs that are due. The buyer must pay by cash or check when the tax sale is completed. Within a few working days, a tax sale deed is filed with the Clerk of Court and a copy is mailed to the buyer. Any unsold property will be adjudicated to the Parish of St. James. The Parish then becomes owner of the property.

What if my property is bought by a buyer and I want to get it back?

The original owner (tax debtor) has three years from the date of recordation of the sale to redeem the property. A redemption is calculated and collected by the tax collector's office. The amount of the redemption will include a redemption fee, tax sale fee, the base taxes and monthly interest accrued which is 1% per month and 5% penalty.